“An Inter-Observer Reliability
Program and Workshop to
Assist Health Care
Professionals in Accurately
Assessing Neonates for
Neonatal Abstinence (NAS)”
NAS is a syndrome of drug withdrawal seen in newborns born to women who are physically dependent on drugs during pregnancy. Approximately 160,000 infants in the US are born to women who use addicting drugs during pregnancy (National Survey on Drugs Use & Health, 2006). It is estimated that 95% of newborns exposed to opioids in utero will experience NAS. This withdrawal can be severe if not adequately assessed or treated. Therefore, it is essential that anyone caring for these infants must be able to assess for NAS with accuracy. This inter-observer reliability program will increase your accuracy of assessing infants for NAS using the Finnegan Scoring Tool. Personalized education can be achieved by scheduling a workshop at your site.

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Infant experiencing opioid withdrawal